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Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to pronounce Jorge Mario Bergoglio

The successor to Pope Benedict has been selected. He is being called Pope Francis. But his real name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio. This is pronounced as hore (rhymes with more)-hay mah-rio bare-go-lio (rhymes with rio) होरख़े  मारिओ बेर्गोलियो  
ब्वेनोस ऐरेस 


Ellen Kozisek said...

It's hore-hay, not hore-gay. The j and the g in horge are pronounced the same.

Awakend said...

He was convited of child abuse in Argentina. So yes, hes a whore. And he's also a gay whore. He's going down this month. Start following Q on You tube.