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Friday, March 14, 2014

Key to pronunciation

I have so far tried to give pronunciation advice using Devanaagari script and approximations from actual words. But I feel the need to add IPA or some other standardised key. Here is a key that will apply to all names of Indian origin. For starters, all the parliamentary constituencies will follow this key. This covers only the vowels.

Symbol Hindi sound IPA Like in word
a ʌ but तट
aa a: father बाप
i ɪ pin दिन
ii i: peel दीन
u ʊ put पुल
uu u: pool फूल
e छोटा ए ɛ pen
ee e: pay देख
o छोटा ओ o pot
oo o: poke दो
ai ai fight कै
au au aura कॉल 

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